Modern Fold Out Pet Bed

It is time for Barkitecture! Presented by Animal Lovers of Austin, this dog house auction goes to benefit local dog rescue organizations and if you have never been it is lots of fun. We are excited to be participating this year – here is a sneak preview of our piece!

Anything that can possibly be built for the Paw will be built for the Paw. It’s Austin. It’s hot here. And we LOVE our dogs. We want them inside! But we are also sick of their unsightly dog beds. Additionally, larger dogs with larger beds can take up a lot of space.

The idea for our Modern Fold-Out Pet Bed was born out of the desire to keep our large four legged friends in the house, en vogue. This dog bed can be stowed away in elegant modern style. We have also included a fold away storage area for doggy toys and treats.

This is a truly urban form of Barkitecture, its Murphy’s Paw!  Please stop by and see us this Saturday!  Additional details about the event can be found here.

Update: Our Murphy’s Paw project won ‘Best Urban Dwelling’ at the Barkitecture show!