East Austin Art!

We love this installation in East Austin! Thanks Ink Tank! When I was taking pictures of this project for the blog an Austin Energy employee pulled up and asked me what happened here, he said he had heard that a tornado might have touched down in East Austin a few weeks earlier.  We laughed – what an organized artistic tornado!  Wood Gusher Art and Architecture in AustinThat is what is great about public art installations- the random conversations that are inspired between strangers.  When you stumble on an installation like this it makes you think twice about your environment and things you see everyday – it causes you to take notice and pay a bit more attention to your surroundings and if it is great it resonates.  Congratulations Ink Tank – we love what you did, this house has been sitting here empty for at least 6 years that I can remember but probably more, it is nice to see it reacting to its isolation and rejoining the neighborhood in a big way!

Wood Gusher Art and Architecture in East Austin

L’Ouvert en DesCours

After weeks of coordination, testing, building, packing, driving and assembly we are happy to share some pictures of our Descours 2010 installation in the New Orleans French Quarter.  The show officially opens this Friday December 3,2010 and will run for 10 days.  If you have the opportunity to check it out we would love to hear from you.

A friend of mine wrote this to me when she learned of our winning entry, I thought it was a poignant thought worth sharing.  “I love any event that brings installations to ordinary places. Especially when years later, you pass by the same place you think, ‘One night I came here and there was this big glowing structure…’ Installations always makes me feel like I was at the right place, at the right time. I was walking down one of the streets in London this summer, and there was a piano outside, in the middle of a small plaza. This college kid stopped, put down his backpack, and played a beautiful piece on it. Then he left, and all of us incompetent non-players stood looking at the piano like a bunch of sad monkeys wondering where the music went. But worse than monkeys, we were too embarrassed to try to make the music ourselves! Long live installations, for taking us out of our element for just a few moments.” -Siren A.

See a write up about it here:  http://www.characterblog.com/2010/11/descours-new-orleans-on-the-cutting-edge.php

and http://www.residentialarchitect.com/exhibitions/descours-transforms-new-orleans-hidden-spaces.aspx