5th Anniversary of Katrina

It is crazy to think that it has been five years.  As far as anniversary gifts go the 5th is traditionally wood.  That suits – folks in NOLA still need housing – they need the gift of wood. I think to a certain extent the country as a whole is experiencing a bit of charity fatigue.  There have been so many heart breaking catastrophes in the last 5 years world wide, that it is emotionally difficult to keep trying to help.  But we need to, empathy is the human race’s best trait.  There are many organizations set up in New Orleans trying to get people back into the city, back into homes, but if there are any folks out there that are in need of an architect’s help, that were impacted by hurricane Katrina, please write to us at info@clarkrichardson.com .  We would like to donate drawings for a new home or renovation for you.  It is the 5th anniversary and we would like to give the gift of wood, even if we can’t provide the actual 2×4’s we can give you the instructions to assemble them in a healthy and sustainable way.  For folks looking to give a donation to those that were impacted, here are a few good programs that are helping people even after 5 years:

Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Initiative They provide contemporary sustainable housing for folks in the Lower 9th Ward

Rebuilding Together an organization helping low income and elderly people build & rebuild

Habitat for Humanity Musicians Village – this is a great organization generally and they have done a lot in NOLA.

As always, our hearts are with you New Orleans!