East Austin Art!

We love this installation in East Austin! Thanks Ink Tank! When I was taking pictures of this project for the blog an Austin Energy employee pulled up and asked me what happened here, he said he had heard that a tornado might have touched down in East Austin a few weeks earlier.  We laughed – what an organized artistic tornado!  Wood Gusher Art and Architecture in AustinThat is what is great about public art installations- the random conversations that are inspired between strangers.  When you stumble on an installation like this it makes you think twice about your environment and things you see everyday – it causes you to take notice and pay a bit more attention to your surroundings and if it is great it resonates.  Congratulations Ink Tank – we love what you did, this house has been sitting here empty for at least 6 years that I can remember but probably more, it is nice to see it reacting to its isolation and rejoining the neighborhood in a big way!

Wood Gusher Art and Architecture in East Austin