Clark | Richardson’s Graham Foundation Grant Proposal Proceeds to Second Stage Review

We were pleased to be selected to advance to the second stage review from over 700 entries for our Graham Foundation Grant Proposal. We would love to delve further into this research area:

Storyville and Other Edge Communities: The Rise and Fall of Public Housing in 20th Century New Orleans

Abstract: New Orleans public housing is often understood through the lens its decline, a long but steady abandonment by the government of both financial and intellectual support.  New Orleans was the first city to qualify for funding to build 6 low income communities under the Housing Act of 1937.  Each community represented an edge community, most famously represented by Iberville which was located on the former site of the country’s first vice district, Storyville, on the outskirts of the historic French Quarter.  We propose to explore both the urbanism and architecture of New Orleans’ early public housing communities through both original architectural drawings, archival urban planning documents and other historical data on file with the Federal Government, City of New Orleans, Tulane University and other historical sources.  The intent is to reconstruct the phenomena of public housing in New Orleans not through the lens of its demise but its conception.


About clarkrichardson

Clark Richardson Architects practice design with the goal of creating contemporary architectural experiences through form, sustainability and detail. We specialize in green building, sustainable residential and commercial design and have architectural studios in Santa Fe and Austin and a design studio New Orleans.
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