What to expect when working with an Architect

Project Rendering for a Private Outdoor Dining Structure. We use different types of visualization tools throughout the design process to ensure that you have full project understanding.

We often find in practice that many people don’t know what to expect when working with an architect. Ultimately, an Architect’s job is to design a space that realizes but often goes beyond the clients initial goals. An Architect will take the client’s ideas and uncover the hidden potential. We are able to design a building from scratch, we don’t need you to bring in floor plans of buildings or numerous magazine clippings. You can if it helps you talk about your ideas but ultimately we just need you to bring in your requirements and expectations, we can take it from there, working with you to finesse every detail.

We are trained to create functional, elegant experiences and do so while bringing to bear the project’s program needs and the site’s zoning, code, accessibility, features, micro-climate and views. Ultimately, we work with an in-depth understanding of all of these elements producing an architectural experience that provides a framework for your commercial or residential development. We can create a bold new image for your business contributing to its branding and identity or design a building that gently fits in with its surroundings.

Professional Medical Building Site Sketch

Architects also play the role of the orchestrator. We will coordinate all consultants that may be required, such as structural, civil, mechanical engineers etc.  The documents used for construction will be highly organized and legible, making the building process as smooth as possible. We can be the first people you contact when looking at acquiring a property for a particular need or we can help you re-visualize a property you have been occupying for years.  If you have any questions about the development process, please don’t hesitate to let us know. 

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