Les Nouvelles Esthetiques – April Clark writes on Holistic Design

April Clark, of Clark | Richardson Architects, was published this month in Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa.  The article “Green Spa – Holistic Design” is about designing sustainably, related to  Eco Spa Design specifically, but the principles can be applied to any building project from commercial to residential.

“…An Eco-Spa or any green building that is designed in a holistic sustainable way is designed to take into account the natural environment where it sits.  It works with the natural processes of a particular climate, minimizing energy consumption and operating in a lean, efficient way.  A holistic design will avoid materials that emit harmful toxins through off-gassing, creating a healthy environment- from the factory to the spa patron (user).  It will minimize water usage by using low flow fixtures that aerate the water making it soft and rich or utilize rainwater harvesting, using the water that falls to the site, for its needs.  A holistic spa design takes into account the role it plays as a contributing entity in the world while creating a peaceful, healthy experience for its users…”


About clarkrichardson

Clark Richardson Architects practice design with the goal of creating contemporary architectural experiences through form, sustainability and detail. We specialize in green building, sustainable residential and commercial design and have architectural studios in Santa Fe and Austin and a design studio New Orleans.
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