Shipping Container Housing

Granted this is not a new idea, but it is a great idea!  The recession has decreased the amount of exports from developing nations.  It has decreased the amount of exports from this country for that matter.  What this has done is created stockpiles of thousands of shipping containers sitting on lots across the country.

Stockpiles of Containers
Stockpiles of Containers

The purchase price is cheap and the potential is fantastic.  Think about it – you get a structural box that is watertight.  This is the best form of recycling – re-purposing something for a new use.  The other great thing about this idea is the shipping container is designed for easy distribution.  They are designed to be transportable by train, boat, freight trucks.  It is genius. I am shocked that the redevelopment of these containers is not happening more frequently.  They can also easily be used by folks following natural disasters etc. for temporary housing. They would sure beat FEMA trailers.  I suspect they would also catch the eye of hipsters looking for a cool space for work or home or both.  Shipping containers offer the chance to make affordable, contemporary , sustainable living environments.

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